No Way Out

No Way Out is my university final year project and is a sci-fi dungeon crawler board game that has players trying to escape from an evil corporation that’s trying to kill them.

This game was something that i entirely by myself with the exception of a supervisor who made sure i stayed on track with my idea.

Short Version: What i did for the project:
~ Created a prototype
~ Tested it and made changes
~ Produced art for the pieces
~ Got it produced by and external company

Full Version: What i did for the project:

To start with i created a paper prototype which allowed me to see initial problems with the game such as its size which took up most of the space it had on a desk this led me to change up parts of the game to make it less space consuming and therefore more accessible to people wanting to play the game.

I then started testing the game with people and this helped me see what was good and bad about the game and allowed me to also see those strengths and weaknesses for myself and therefore see ways to improve on those issues for example one of the pieces of equipment in the game was a teleporter that used to be able to move the player anywhere on the map which led to problems involving the final boss fight as players could simply teleport to the boss and kill it almost instantly with no effort so what i did was limited the teleporters range to 2 tiles which meant that it is still useful but not overpowered.

The last thing i had to tackle was art i simply used Photoshop to put these together using simple colours to make things easier to understand for the player. I then got the parts printed and they came out exactly as i wanted them to and i’m really happy with the end result.

Final Year University Project
09/18 – 04/19
Board Game
Software Used