Spoils Of The Sea

This game was a split-screen 4-player game in which players must fight to get loot and upgrade their ships to win the game. I worked on this game as a junior designer as part of a module on my university course.

Short Version; What i did:
~Created block-outs for the map tiles
~Worked on some UI

Full Version: What i did:

My main job was creating block-outs for the tiles that are used to create the map that the players will be moving across. These block-outs would be used to give the artists an idea of what a certain structure would look like and it’s scale to the rest of the tile.

Later on in the development process I worked on some of the UI in the game’s tutorial making sure that it was clear and helpful to the player.

I also did some QA which mainly involved testing out the mechanics as well as how fun the gameplay was along with level layouts and bug testing .

Junior Designer
University Assessment
09/17 – 04/18
Computer Game
Software Used
Unreal Engine 4