Horde Slayer Elite

This game is a top down twin-stick horde shooter in which you must survive against endless waves of enemies. I worked on this as the lead designer as part of a module on my university.

Short Version: What I Did:
Created Design Document for game
Tested the game for bugs and balancing
Created Game Trailer
Found, edited and implemented sounds
Created the tutorial
Made sure that thing’s got done and on time

Full Version: What I Did:
My main job for the game was to make sure that not only the game was fun but it was also playable. I did many things while working on the game.

I created the design document for the game which allowed me to refer to it when making decisions about the game it also meant that i could keep an eye on what still needed to be done.

I also did a lot of testing on the game to make sure that it was fun but also to look out for any bugs or balancing issues in the game so that i can then make suggestions on how they should be fixed.

I also worked heavily on the sounds of the game. My main job here was to find them and then after making sure that we could use them edited them if necessary (this was mainly cutting them down to size). I would then implement them into the game and they would be checked for volume and making sure that they sounded right in-game.

I also worked on the tutorial mainly creating the level and the design of it and it’s mechanics making sure that the player was learning what we wanted to teach them with sections for shooting, movement, combos and abilities teaching the players everything they needed to know before playing the game.

I also created the game trailer for the game using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Lead Designer
University Assignment
09/18 – 06/19
Computer Game
Software Used
Unreal Engine 4, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop
Design Document